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Simple. Mini. Gorgeous. Powerful.

The Bite-Sized Desktop Computer

Sweetness in multiple flavors.

desk with blue and black computer, black keyboard, monitor, red clock and pens in a holder

The SundaePC is a space-saving treat that’s perfect for small or shared spaces.

Miniaturized Perfection

Wooden desk with keyboard, black computer and camera, water bottle and pencils on it.

Multitasking power for web browsing, photo/video editing and document creation.

Powerful Quality

No More Brain Freeze

Who doesn’t get frustrated buying a home computer? What to buy, where to buy, product specs, reviews—the process is confusing, intimidating and time-consuming. With SundaePC, we offer revolutionary simplicity with a powerful, all-purpose PC designed just for you.


See how these folks fit the SundaePC into their lifestyle.