A Revolution

In Home Computing

Who doesn’t get frustrated buying a home computer? What to buy, where to buy, product specs, reviews—the process is confusing, intimidating and time-consuming. With the SundaePC, we offer revolutionary simplicity with a powerful, high-quality Windows 10 desktop computer that comes in a tiny tasty package. The SundaePC supports Windows 11 if you choose to upgrade.

2.1” high
4.7” wide
4.7” deep



How small is the SundaePC?
Approximately the size of a
paperback book, it is a space-saving
treat that comes in a variety of
delicious colors. It’s terrific for small
or shared spaces!

Powerful Quality

The SundaePC offers exceptional quality, functionality and power. It features an Intel Core i5 processor, 8gb RAM, 512gb solid state drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and supports two 4k monitors. The SundaePC has plenty of multitasking power for web browsing, photo and video editing, word processing and document creation, and working in large spreadsheets.

Want to learn More?

Send us your email address and we’ll update you when the SundaePC is available to order. And rest assured, we understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance, so we will not share your contact information. We will only use it to send you the requested information and updates about SundaePC.

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