Meet the
Mini Desktop PC

Premium performance plus innovative design.
Embrace your fun side.

Break Free From the Boring

Introducing the world’s only desktop computer with personality and punch.

Work Meets Wow

With a 10 core/12 thread Intel® CPU and speedy DDR5 RAM, no need for a bulky tower to cramp your style. Stream, surf, create and work without missing a beat.

Miniaturized Perfection

Quality workmanship, innovative design and robust performance with a dose of fun. You can finally have your cake and eat it too.

Why your office needs a SundaePC?

Compact Size

At 2.1 inches tall and 4.7 inches wide, the SundaePC is significantly smaller than traditional desktop computers, making it ideal for tight spaces or minimalist setups.


Weighing only 3.3 pounds the small form factor allows for easy transportation and mobility. You can move your workstation anywhere with ease.

Energy Efficiency

Using just 65 watts of peak power means lower power consumption, resulting in smaller energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

High Performance

10 cores, 12 threads and speedy DDR5 RAM provide all the power of a traditional desktop tower at a fraction of the size.

Quiet Operation

An efficient DC-powered fan and copper fins maximize heat dissipation, keeping the SundaePC quiet and cool under heavy loads.


Connect your preferred peripherals for a comfortable, upright workspace, avoiding “laptop hunch.”

Peace of Mind

Shop confidently knowing your SundaePC is backed by a solid one-year warranty and dependable customer service.


The SundaePC can be used as a home theater for streaming and media playback, or as an efficient home server to handle media storage, file sharing and home automation.


The SundaePC offers the flexibility to access memory and storage, and customize peripherals like a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Who Uses the SundaePC?


“We’re using the SundaePC in the studio to stream the show on Twitch. It’s super quiet even under stress, quick, snappy, and the size of a waffle! The SundaePC would work for just about anybody – creators, video editors, parents, kids to game and do homework and more. I encourage all to check it out.”

Aaron Inman

Host, Morning Roast Radio Show on iHeartRadio’s Kickin Kountry
Instagram/Facebook: @morningroastradio

“I primarily run my business virtually, coaching clients, recording podcasts and creating and editing content from multiple locations globally. There is no longer a need to struggle with deciding between a gigantic desktop tower, or not being as productive on a laptop. I am also very much a fan of companies that share my values in terms of quality and reliability.”

Maurice Philogene

Owner, Try Life On