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We started this company because
it’s painful buying a computer.

We are researchers. Still, we find it agonizing buying a computer. Many of us dread making an expensive mistake. One day we overheard a customer in a big-box store say to the sales associate, “Just tell me what computer to buy.”


Then we had an epiphany.


We are a small, family-owned computer company. We’re here to simplify the process of buying a home computer. We want to get rid of the frustration of reading product reviews and still not knowing what to buy or where to buy. We are providing something we want too: a simple reliable computer to have confidence in.


We believe in:
• Saving time
• Quality manufacturing
• Reliability
• Less hassle
• Great customer service


And so the SundaePC was born! It’s a high-quality, highly functional, space-saving computer that doesn’t require technical knowledge to buy. The SundaePC can serve a variety of needs and be upgraded whenever necessary.


Plus, it’s cute.

White and Black SundaePC on grey and white checkered background
Side view of standing man with glasses with paper and pen in hand, question marks and light bulb outlines above his head

We Care Support

outline of a heart and 1 year warranty

Free Shipping. 1-year Warranty. Easy Returns.
The SundaePC includes warm and responsive customer service. Whether you have product
questions, feedback or need anything else, we’re here for you. Seriously.

Black and Blue square computer with top open

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