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Savvy and Chic

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Savvy and Chic

As a freelance writer living in Chicago, Cheryl’s life revolves around deadlines. But Cheryl also enjoys everything city life has to offer: great restaurants, street festivals, live music and more.


Pain points: Because of the intensity of Cheryl’s work deadlines, she needs two computers. She simply can’t afford downtime; Cheryl must have dependability. And because her one-bedroom apartment is tiny, space is at an absolute premium. 


What she’ll love: Cheryl will love the size and style of the SundaePC, but what she’ll really love is having a reliable desktop computer so nothing stands in the way of her success. 


How she’ll use the SundaePC: Writing, creating, exploring her city, poring over restaurant and movie reviews, and buying tickets.

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How will you use your SundaePC?

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