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Simply Satisfied

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Simply Satisfied

Fran loves how simple the SundaePC is to use, how easy it was to buy, and the company’s personable customer service.


Fran is the hippest of grandmothers. She loves bringing joy to her young grandchildren and even loves hanging out with her teenage grandkids. Fran follows her grandkids on Facebook and Instagram. When she visits her son’s family out of state she books the most enticing Airbnb she can find. (The kids will love it!)


Fran says if you never slow down, you’ll never grow old. She’s fiercely independent and takes “active” to a whole new level.


Pain point: Fran knows she needs technology, but she doesn’t really understand it. She’s tried reading product reviews and discussing computers with young people but the array of choices is overwhelming.


What she’ll love: Fran will love the simplicity of using the SundaePC, how easy it is to buy, and knowing that great customer support is only a click away. She will also love how little room the SundaePC takes up in her house and getting rid of the big tower. 


How she’ll use the SundaePC: Following her grandkids on social media, emailing with friends and family, buying tickets to shows and events, and booking her next big adventure.

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