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Singularly Unobtrusive

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Singularly Unobtrusive

Chaos. Barely managed chaos. That’s how Clara would describe her life. As the mother of two children in different schools and activities, she spends most of her afternoon as a kid taxi.


Clara also takes care of her mother by running her to doctor’s appointments and helping to run her errands. Clara is part of the “sandwich” generation—she’s sandwiched between her kids and her mother, caring for both.


Pain points: Chaos. Clara needs order in her life. Despite the frenetic and unpredictable nature of her schedule, she would like people to view her as someone who has it all together.


What she’ll love: The look and size of the SundaePC. The colorful minimalism of the SundaePC gets rid of the big computer tower and having to search for the laptop. It’s just the right combination of playful, functional and unobtrusive.


How she’ll use the SundaePC: Scheduling her life and the lives of those around her, managing her chaotic schedule, and helping the kids complete their homework.

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