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Sophisticated Superuser

white man smiling with arms crossed in front with a light blue circle behind him

Sophisticated Superuser

Space matters in the city. The SundaePC does everything Michael needs without taking up too much of it.


Michael is the father of three, a husband and a system administrator who lives and works in San Francisco. Between the demands of work and family, Michael is exceptionally busy. But he makes knowing the latest in technology a priority. He’s always been the person who knows what’s new in tech.


Pain points: Metaphorical space. Michael is never alone. Technology is the one thing that is truly his.


What he’ll love: The size, style and ease of using the SundaePC. He’ll also get a kick out of everyone’s reaction.


How he’ll use his SundaePC: Michael will be one of those who finds new uses for the SundaePC. Will he carry it with him to use as a backup system? Will he use it as a server? We’ll learn from him.

miscellaneous electronic accessories-headphones, cords. game controller on a black surface

How will you use your SundaePC?

See how these folks fit the SundaePC into their lifestyle.

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