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Speedy in the City

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Speedy in the City

Kiran personalizes his tech. He loves the size, customized color, and computing capabilities of his SundaePC.


Kiran is a dad, a husband and an employee. He lives in a small one-bedroom plus “den” apartment in New York City with his wife and their two small children.


Kiran telecommutes part-time. Because he’s in sales, he doesn’t need to go into the office every day. He takes early video calls with Asia and Europe from home.


Pain points: Space. Everything Kiran and his wife buy is weighed for necessity against their space constraints. They love living in the city and buy what will make their lives easier.


What he’ll love: The size and effectiveness of the SundaePC. Our computer does what it needs to do without taking up much-needed space.


How he’ll use the SundaePC: Telecommuting, video calls, paying bills, entertainment for the kids, social media and email.

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