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Squared Away

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Squared Away

Greg is a minimalist who believes in staying organized but dreads buying a new computer.


Greg believes in order. His job requires a security clearance and careful adherence to company policies. His work laptop is for work only. He would never use if for personal stuff.


Although Greg is serious about maintaining work/life boundaries, he also loves music, movies, cycling and traveling.


Pain points: Because the need to understand technology is part of remaining competitive, Greg is embarrassed that choosing a new computer is so confusing. He’s great at his job. Why should buying a new computer be more intimidating than work?


What he’ll love: The simplicity of purchasing a quality product that he can rely on.


How he’ll use the SundaePC: Keeping his music organized, tracking his personal expenses, and reading about the sports teams and contemporary issues he’s passionate about.

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How will you use your SundaePC?

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