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Free Shipping. One-Year Warranty. Easy Returns.

Free Shipping. One-Year Warranty. Easy Returns.

Why SundaePC

Many of us—if we’re being honest—tend to dread buying a new computer. The process can be uncertain, stressful, intimidating and time-consuming. It’s the perfect opportunity to make an expensive mistake.

One of the most daunting parts of buying a new computer is, if you choose poorly, you’ll be living with this mistake day in and day out for at least a few years. Living together, working together—late nights and early mornings.

The SundaePC is something we would want for ourselves. We developed it in response to our own “pain points” while trying to research and buy a computer. We also developed it to look good.

Since we are our own target demographic, we’re hoping that what’s important to us is important to you. For us, it’s important to have a quality computer that’s reliable in order to reduce stress and hassle in life. It’s also important that the computer be accompanied by committed customer service.

How will you use your SundaePC?

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